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I am Erin Lindsey.

Intuitive Astrologer, Oracle, Priestess, Wild Woman, Teacher, Student, Mystic, Life Partner, Dog Momma, Earth Adorer,

& Lover of Life. 


Erin Lindsey means a peaceful body of water. 

This is the energy I am devoted to bringing into each reading & coaching session. I like to say, "I am a peaceful body of Water & I rock the boat." I am the embodiment of this paradox. I am passionate about holding safe space for individuals to connect with their Wholeness, the union of Shadow & Light, through their Soul Blueprint, The Birth Chart. I love finding the Sacred in the Mundane, in all things & beings, as this is the Marriage of Spirit & Matter. I am devoted to dissolving all sense of separation, moving towards union, interconnection, & Oneness, as we co-create A New Earth. I See a world where the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine are balanced in pulsating, colorful, equilibrium. This is not only possible, it is happening now as we soften into the unification of the two within ourselves.


I am a Death Doula of sorts. Typically, I work specifically with Women who are going through Deep Initiations into their Wholeness & Truth. My work is Feminine centered & focused. I am forever an Apprentice of the Feminine. For me, the Feminine cannot be merely ascribed to gentleness, kindness, prettiness, comforting or "make you feel better" energy. She is the chaotic creative force that brings Death & Rebirth. She is the Source of All. She is the Wild Woman Rising in each of us. She is You.


This work is, Grace-filled, Intense, Potent, Deep, a blend of Earth & Cosmos, Terrifying, Exhilarating, Empowering, Initiatory, Loving, Multidimensional, rooted in Freedom & Truth.


All readings and sessions are anchored in Unconditional Love, Compassion, & Co-Creation.

It is a transmission of Remembering. 


I have spent my life traveling the world. I have been to 16 countries so far, beginning as a newborn, gathering inspiration, experiences, meeting people from all walks of Life. I have my BA in Psychology & Counseling with a minor in Biblical Studies. My Astrological insights pull from a variety of branches of Astrology including, Evolutionary, Esoteric, & Western. I am certified in Reiki I, II, & III. I have been working with the Tarot intimately since 2019. I love learning, reading, researching and will be a forever student of this beautiful Life. 


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here.


Feeling the pull? Let's make some Magic together!







Erin Lindsey is an incredibly gifted astrologer and intuitive.  She is warm, welcoming and during sessions you can feel that she is 100% focused on her client’s needs and emotions.  Her readings go deep and are thorough yet are communicated easily to understand.  I cannot count how many times Erin’s sessions have left me in awe, jaw dropped, filled with excitement and buzzing with inspiration and courage.  Stunning human.


I am a newcomer to astrology and had my first-ever reading with Erin Lindsey. Her warm and welcoming energy made me instantly feel at home in this work. With thoughtful care, she explained the placements of my chart and answered my questions. I’ve since had more sessions with her, and each time, I am in awe of the ways in which the themes of my life make so much more sense. Erin’s sensitivity and in-tune-ness creates a sacred space to explore the details that are brought up during the reading. Even though the sessions are online, it does not feel like there is a physical separation. Her therapeutic presence is medicine! I highly recommend working with Erin and gifting sessions to loved ones. 


I don't want to make this long but it's so hard to keep things short when describing the change, inner peace and loving support erin has brought into my life. She's been instrumental on the path of me strengthening my intuition, connecting with my inner High Priestess and so so much more. From her tarot sessions to the ones where we plant seeds of intentions coupled with grounding and energy work she's been a godsend. I've met/ scrolled past hundreds of astrologers, tarot readers etc, but the moment I met erin I knew I wanted to have her around-  I feel that the people that stumble upon her, are directed purely to her by the Divine, the universe, some higher power. You can tell she's deeply connected to her work, and it's beautiful that she collaborates and lets you move through things TOGETHER - not just telling you a bunch of things and leaving you confused and not knowing what to do. She really has illuminated the power and capabilities I already knew I had inside - but wasn't sure how to harness them. If you're drawn to her, INVESTIGATE why! If you're looking for a sign to work with erin lindsey - you've found it. magic.


My session with Erin was beautiful and inspiring. Erin’s intuitiveness hit like a bullseye on the essence of who I am. My 90 minute reading was full of depth and insights, revealing areas and aspects of my life that needed my attention. It was exactly what I needed. Working with Erin and feeling her loving and enthusiastic energy was nothing short of pure joy! 


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