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mercury rx - the descent

mercury, the planet of communication & the mind, stations retrograde (rx) today, january 14 at 10˚20’ aquarius until february 3rd at 24˚23’ capricorn. a lot of folks describe this as a time of technological snafus, communication mishaps, & a terrible time to sign contracts or make important decisions. while this may be true to an extent, there is a deeper significance under the surface.

mercury is known as the psychopomp. he is able to descend to the underworld, gather information and ascend again, with answers.

in a culture that rewards us for overworking, we have been trained to avoid and even repress this time in mercury's cycle. perhaps the reason we see so many miscommunications, tech errors, etc., during this time, is the natural response to our avoidance of the underworld. what happens in the exterior is only a mirror to what is happening in the interior.

every single day we are thrown more information that requires emotional processing & mercury rx only accentuates this. this cycle we see mercury making a triple conjunction to pluto, the ruler of the underworld. my dears, this is no joke. it is time to descend, time to do the shadow work, time to emotionally process what has been calling for our attention. this will look differently for everyone yet none of us are excluded from this deep work.

on january 17th we will have a full moon at 27˚50’ in cancer, opposing the sun in capricorn which is conjunct pluto. wounds around messages received in childhood, ways we felt unseen, the pain of not being nurtured the way our precious souls needed to be, very well may arise. it is so important to have solid tools to draw on when these things want to be healed & integrated. pluto represents our souls evolutionary intention, so the things that get brought up around pluto will be painful yet they are gates to rebirth and new life if we choose to pass through them.

it is my honour to be a witness & guide for individuals wanting support in this kind of work. we are not meant to do this alone and while there is so much value in learning how to hold space for ourselves in this process, i know there are times when we simply need someone there with us in it. if you feel that stirring, that niggle, & you would like the support, let's connect. i have started offering 60 minute intuitive readings that include a blending of tarot/oracle reading, reiki healing, astrological insights, & embodiment practices to serve as energetic support/uplift/empowerment for your journey. here is the link if you feel called, please select "intuitive reading (60 min)" from the options when scheduling.

last night, i felt the invitation to create us a spotify playlist for this mercury rx. my pisces moon LOVES music and the healing frequency it brings. this playlist is a journey in itself. let yourself soak in the lyrics, the instruments, the sounds, the frequency. sing or hum along, participate in the sound, anchor your "yes" to this time into reality as the songs wash over you. (if you use a different medium than spotify & want the playlist, email me).

mercury rx is touching something deeper in us all....what is it touching in you?

you are not alone. we are all doing this work together. what descends will ascend again.

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