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virgo full moon - the seed || meditation inside

In the wee hours of the morning, at 12:17 am PST we have our Full Moon in Virgo.

i drew this card for us this full moon - it is from one of my favourite oracle decks by a dear friend i met here in Port Townsend, Claire Mack.

"Mycelium - support system, gathering of resources to nourish the community. Positive movement toward fruition and healing on a global level."

-The Faceted Garden Oracle

Virgo is Earth in element, Yin in polarity, Mutable in modality. it is spirally & receptive.

Virgo connects us with Mother Earth & the Divine Feminine. she brings the medicine of discernment, authenticity & joyful service. she grounds, she nurtures, she nourishes the garden.

full moon energy can bring up a lot of waves with the outside world, with people in your life. the Virgo energy can make us feel like we aren't good enough, that we are bad/wrong, that we will never measure up. the energy of "compare/despair" as my teacher, Nura would say.

this full moon is incredibly potent. we are now in a portal and i have been deeply feeling the invitation to forgive ourselves so that we may extend that forgiveness to what is outside of us. knowing the outside is simply a mirror of our own internal state, when we extend ourselves forgiveness we are simultaneously extending it to what is beyond us.

i'm thinking of some lyrics from one of my favourite anthems - Forgive by Trevor Hall,

"Forgiveness is for giving

So give yourself this gift from time to time

And let all of your mistakes become all of your greatest gifts in disguise"

the wound of Virgo is rooted in a belief that has embedded our DNA, our society, & the world for many, many years. it is the belief in original sin. that even in the womb we were sin, bad, wrong, guilty, shameful.

my darling, what does this belief do to our psyches? this belief that in our innocence, we began as sin.

what if we've been missing something?

Soren Kierkegaard said, "The opposite of sin is not virtue."

sin is separation from God, Source, Universe, the Divine. what is at the root of separation? the BELIEF that we are separate.

i believe to my core that the only thing we need to heal within ourselves is our sense of separation. the Truth is, we are not separated from God, from each other, from the planet, from the Cosmos. we are ONE. what we do to ourselves, we do to the world. "as within, so without."

i want to present another option under the light of the full moon....

what if we were originally good?

what if this life is all about reconnecting with the Goodness inside of us?...the Divine inside each of us?

i received a beautiful download of a guided meditation to connect us to this full moon and the healing frequency is it gifting us. i recorded it in my greenhouse - we call it The Crystal Palace - & the whole time there was a bald eagle flying over me. at one point in the meditation you can hear her singing over us. songs of forgiveness, songs of healing, songs of faith in something bigger than us. faith in a new story. i pray you feel this frequency in every cell as you listen & receive.

you are originally GOOD. you are connected to the Divine. you ARE the Divine embodied.

all my love & full moon blessings to you,


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