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Capricorn moon || Root chakra meditation

in the energy of the last quarter moon i wanted to share an experience i had this week. the last quarter moon is a square from the moon to the sun. squares are hard/harsh aspects that create tension giving us opportunity to alchemize even deeper. whatever you seeded at the new moon, saw come into some form of manifestation at the full moon, is now beginning to drop its leaves & make its way back into the ground. it's like the free fall of the leaf before it hits the ground. a time for active integration, active trust.

with the Capricorn moon energy it is involving structure, our foundation, authority (either our own or someone trying to take authority over us), & boundaries. it's the Moon so this involves our feelings & emotions, our self image, how we feel in our bodies. whew - i don't know about you but i am feeling this!

so this week, i had to look my grief in the eyes. i had an external situation go down that created a spiral of deep sadness & feeling out of control. i really tried to stay in the observer/witness but the grief needed to pass through me and after a day of "trying to handle the situation correctly" (what is correctly?!), i collapsed in my bed & just had to sob it out.

in the moment, it felt like everything was hopeless, there was no light at the end of the tunnel, this "new earth" i dream of and talk about all the time felt so far away, maybe even impossible. i cried myself to sleep that night...but oh sweet, tender Grace holding me as i slept.

she gifted me a dream. an authority figure i had a deep connection with as a child, who had passed away a few years ago, came to see me. he told me he was so proud of me, that everything was going to be okay, and that the little things really matter right now. (how very Capricorn.)

i woke up with a soft peace & knew my to-do list could wait. i surrendered to my day and found myself pulling back the furniture to sweep dust that had collected over time. i began to wash the things i always put off washing. i got rid of shit i haven't touched in months. i organized the closet that was piled high with everything under the sun. as i took each breath, and moved through my home i could feel that this was so much more than just something i was doing in 3D was impacting beyond this dimension.

by the time the day was finished i could feel myself completely in my body again. not that everything was fixed or that the situation causing the grief was resolved, but i wasn't resisting anything & i was in my body.

i want to offer this moving meditation to you under the light of the last quarter moon. i mean, a good spring cleaning is so good for the soul anyway, but i feel this practice of cleaning, clearing, purging, organizing, and cleansing our homes is such a potent way to anchor in the earth plane what we are personally purging, clearing, & cleansing in our psyches. like this being told me in my dream, the little things really matter right now. so if you feel stuck, especially if you feel stuck, start with the little things.

"what lies ahead now, what lies behind.

put all that worry out of your mind.

look in your own home, what will you find?

let it move your Soul."

i am sending my love out to each & all of you. what a time to be alive on planet earth. we are not alone in this. please reach out if you need support.

and so it is <3

PS: here's a new guided meditation to connect us with our Root Chakra. in all the chaos we are rooted & grounded in Love.

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