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the cosmic womb || & guided meditation

this morning at 9:34 PT we get to behold our new moon in Pisces. another lunar cycle is beginning. the seed is being planted.

what are you seeding at this new moon?

pisces is the sign that connects us with the cosmic womb. the ocean where we are all ONE. the medicine is simple yet profound. there is no separation.

"as above so below. as within so without."

the energy surrounding us now is the alchemy of Unconditional Love & Compassion. in this present moment on planet earth, as the chaos seems to be rising, how do we ground ourselves in this Love and Compassion?

the mind can convince us that the small actions make no impact. this morning, the message dropping in for me so clearly is, the small actions send out a ripple that touches the entire electromagnetic field of this planet and beyond. the small actions, the prayers, the surrender to what is behind closed doors ARE making impact. who's to even call these actions small when reframed this way?

in the light of this new moon, the "small" action i am sensing for each and all is receiving the fresh wave of COMPASSION coming in. it feels connected to a deep cellular healing for our physical bodies. i am noticing this same theme coming up consistently, there is a strong current of fear, frustration, & fight pulling at us. some of us are falling into this frequency & some of us are even fighting the falling. i love the word compassion, especially in these moments. i love going on a walk and bouncing it around inside me, letting it's medicine fill my being. compassion brings neutrality. compassion calls the witness forward to be with what is in utter acceptance. i want to invite you to seed whatever you are seeding under the new moon steeped in the frequency of this compassion. it feels potently personal for each of us.

what area of your life do you feel needs this fresh wave of compassion today?

how do you feel called to receive this wave?

i recorded a guided meditation to connect us with the cosmic womb energy that is so present for us at this time. may it bring compassion, deep healing, & renewal to your physical body. we all need it right now. take care of yourself, precious one.

i am sending my love and compassion to you today. you are not alone.

P.S. sometimes we need to feel SEEN. sometimes we need to be witnessed in our journey. if you need someone to hold space for you with all that is coming up, it would be an honour to be that person. my intuitive readings are 60 minute containers of free flow. some tarot, some astrology, some energy healing. bottom line, they are sacred sessions where i simply hold space for you as we invite whatever wants to be, to be. i am blown away by the healing frequency of these containers every time, such beauty. we are not meant to do this life alone, we need each other. i am here for you if you desire support. <3

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