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libra full moon - equilibrium in the bones

what does the word equilibrium mean to you?

take a moment, close your eyes, and FEEL this word.

what does it feel like in your body? can you sense its frequency?

this word has become one of my foundational pillars for life. i love to tune into its vibration, especially on the days i feel pulled in many different directions.

EQUILIBRIUM... -a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced

-a state of physical balance

-a calm state of mind

when i stare into this photo i get a real sense, beyond words, the essence of what equilibrium means...

on April 16 at 11:55 am PST we are having our full moon in LIBRA. Libra is yang, cardinal, air & is associated with the 7th house of projections/the other. the symbol for Libra are the scales that weigh if something is balanced...or not. it is easy for us to project our own stories, opinions, beliefs, even fears on someone/something outside ourselves instead of taking the responsibility that, the outside is ME. "as within, so without." if this resonates, i encourage you to try out the mantra, "the outside is me." let it inform you, teach you, move its wisdom through you.

over the last few weeks i have been very aware that my body is seeking MORE equilibrium. with so much transition happening around us, with the steady stream of information constantly asking for our attention, with the dreams stirring inside of us it is EASY to feel the pull in every direction at once. it is EASY to lose our center, our sense of balance. it is EASY to be unsure where i end & you begin....

can you relate?

how do we come back to this present moment?

how do we find equilibrium in the chaos?

i am sensing a huge wave of this energy wanting to hit each of us personally under the light of the full moon. a wave of equilibrium that is undeniable, that is FELT in the bones.

Libra is air in element. i was reading about air this morning. air is VITAL for Life on this planet. we can go days without food or water but only minutes without air before we die. i love that air is invisible to the naked eye but we can physically feel it & experience it with our senses. it truly is a sensational element.

air connects us with our minds, how we think, how we communicate internally & externally...the patterns there.

the mind can be quite the trickster at times. it can feed disharmony as if its life depended on it. convincing us to keep hunting for something external, outside of us to fill the void.

the mind is powerful. our thoughts are like magnets. "where awareness goes, energy flows..." as Louise Hay would say. i find when working with the air element & my busy mind, i NEED a consistent practice for bringing calm, harmony, balance, equilibrium to ground the racing thoughts.

i want to offer us a practice to connect with this Full Moon in Libra. may it bring equilibrium to your very essence...

FINDING EQUILIBRIUM - a practice for the Full Moon in Libra

  • close your eyes & take a deep breath. let yourself drop into your body & focus your energy on your root chakra & your feet. decide in this moment you are safe. when you feel ready open your eyes & begin.

  • take in the image above. what feelings/thoughts does it bring up in you? if you want to you can write what information comes through.

  • stare deeply into this image & allow yourself to begin to merge with it. can you feel yourself being pulled in opposing directions? do you feel anothers energy/opinion over you pulling you away from yourself? does this bring up any emotions? again, taking note of what comes through.

  • stay in this space as long as you need, letting the thoughts, feelings, & emotions pass through you without judgment. there is no right or wrong way to do this.

  • when you are ready begin to merge with the being in this photo. let your arms FEEL the pull away from your center. i encourage you to physically move your arms in whatever way feels right for you & gets you in your body.

  • when you feel you have merged with her, begin to ask Divine Grace to help you find an inner equilibrium in this present moment. let your arms slowly come into a balanced posture, let them float through the air until you feel the balance of the scales equally distributed on either side of you.

  • stay in this posture as long as you need to. letting the equilibrium rush into all of your cells...into your very bones.

  • give thanks to the Air & to Divine Grace for being with you & for everything they do to support you, even if you aren't consciously aware of what that is.

  • take notes of anything that came through in your journal & trust that you are held in infinite love, under Grace in perfect ways.

and so it is. <3

i pray this practice serves you. Full Moon blessings of FELT harmony, balance, & equilibrium.

you are wondrous.

you are held.

you are loved.

all my love,


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