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the nodal shift: let the buried shit surface

the nodes of the moon have become such an integral part of my personal development & my work with clients. i have found them to be portals into clarity especially during this time on planet earth when many days feel chaotic & it's easy to get lost in the madness.

the south node of the moon in the natal chart points to our past. it connects us with our unconscious patterns, ways we moved through the world that have become habitual, to the point where we hardly notice we're acting it out again. the south node holds the memory of what has come before. it holds our traumas, our childhoods, our ancestors, our past lives. feeling into this, one can get a sense that it also holds gifts, & as with everything in life it is a both/and - which is why i find working with the south node to be very beneficial when seeking clarity around entrenched patterns & latent gifts. words that come up when i reflect on the south node are: radical acceptance, co-creation, integration, transmutation. can i accept all of my past in such a radical way that it becomes integrated into my being...where i am able to co-create with it, thereby transmuting it into a completely new energy? alchemy my darling, alchemy.

the north node of the moon in the natal chart points to our future. it connects us with the direction the soul is wanting to grow/evolve. it is the expansive possibility of who we get to become, it is the energy available for embodiment, it is a fresh vibrational point oozing with spaciousness. the north node is a new beginning. it requires an immense amount of courage because when we work with the north node, we are creating new patterns of being within our very cells. when we activate our north node we are able to get a taste of future possibility in the present moment. it connects us with Truth, a new way of being, a new story. words that come up reflecting on the north node are: be, embrace, experience, expand. can i embrace new & expansive experiences from my center, from my "beingness," in trust?

when we look at the transiting nodes, the nodes in the current sky not in the natal chart, we are connecting in with similar energy but we're looking at it from a collective standpoint. so the south node of the moon would be what our collective is currently releasing/clearing and the north node would be what our collective is currently needing to lean into to come into balance/wholeness. this conversation between south node & north node is medicine that is desperately needed, especially now.

i want to invite you to let the rest of these words wash over you very intentionally. let them activate you where they want to. at this time in history, we can no longer ignore what we have swept under the rug or hidden in the basement. it is time to let the buried shit surface.

every 18-19 months the nodes switch what sign they are in. for the last year and a half they have been in Gemini/Sagittarius bringing up themes around our opinions and beliefs. the south node was in Sagittarius and the shadow of Sag can be desperately clinging to beliefs to feel safe which can create rigidity/fundamentalism. "who agrees with me and who doesn't?" if you don't agree with me you get blasted/censored/silenced. the invitation during these months was to seek to balance by clearing the shadow of Sag, falling into cosmic consciousness where all beings/opinions are of value and by pulling in the wisdom of Gemini which is deep listening, communicating from the heart, coming back to the childlike mind. i think of Jesus here when speaking about children, "the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." there is a lot more one could say here, but for the sake of this blog i am going to move to the nodal shift which just occurred a couple weeks ago.

on january 18, 2022 the nodes switched to Taurus/Scorpio & the axis of personal/shared resources; here they will stay until july 17, 2023. the north node is in Taurus, the south node is in Scorpio. this is a big one.

as i mentioned before, when we work with the south node we are working with unconscious patterns that have been operating under the surface & simultaneously running the show (as unconscious patterns do). Scorpio delivers us to swampland. Scorpio is associated with power dynamics/struggles, betrayal, manipulation, fear of loss, trauma, secrets, abuse, death and rebirth cycles, transmutation, transformation, total alchemy of self. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, governs the underworld. the underworld being the unconscious/the dark/the unknown. with the south node transiting Scorpio over the next 18 months we WILL see what has been buried collectively coming to the surface. it is time. i feel this is beyond words. yes, we've seen pain surfacing all around us over the past couple years but i am sensing that was just the beginning. there are thousands of years of pain/secrets stuffed in the underworld of our collective psyche. the pain cannot stay stuffed forever. like a volcano, the pressure is building, at some point it must be released.

let's take a pause. take a deep belly breath. look around your room. give yourself a hug....i'm not joking. :) repeat to yourself, "my body is safe." this is the Truth. yes we are clearing old patterns, yes we are opening to a new story, AND it's okay/normal to feel overwhelmed, it's okay/normal to feel afraid, it's okay/normal to want some control in all of this. we are doing this together, none of us are alone or exempt from this, and in every moment we are held in the arms of Grace. i truly believe we can't get it wrong.

where do you have scorpio in your chart? this is the area of life the south node is transiting and likely the area you will see/feel the shadow surfacing for you personally. the shadow is a gift waiting to be transmuted. the shadow is the KEY. this is not just some pipe dream, i am living this in real time. how often do we encounter our shadow and quickly stuff it back down, push it away, reject it? when we really watch, we see this pattern happening everyday, even multiple times a day. this is how it became a shadow in the first was rejected. when we can see our shadow, not run from it, but invite it in for a cup of tea, something happens. it begins to transmute before our eyes. when what was so "horrible", so "shameful", so "fearful", gets saturated in PERFECT LOVE, it dissolves. it is reborn & becomes a gift. what would happen if each of us took our deepest shadow & learned how to bring it into Love?

"There is no fear in Love, dread does not exist. But perfect, complete, full-grown, Love drives out fear, because fear involves the expectation of Divine punishment, so the one who is afraid of God’s judgment is not perfected in Love, has not grown into a sufficient understanding of God’s Love." 1 John 4:18 AMP

"What needs the most attention is the part of us that we seek to avoid feeling. When we have tended to that, we are changed, and the world changes with us." -Dan Emmons

as heavy and intimidating as the south node may feel, it is one side of the story. i actually feel like when we focus on the north node and bringing its wisdom to fruition, we automatically uplift the energy of the south node because the two are connected. in no way am i intending to bypass the south node work, because it is very very real, but there is balance in everything. it does no good to keep your head stuffed in shadow work all day everyday, that would be exhausting and quite honestly not fun. (i really believe life is set up naturally to be fun, we're the ones that lost our childlike wonder/imagination to make it not so). in the spirit of balance let's look at the north node in Taurus.

Taurus is the sign of the bull, it's determined & devoted to what it puts its energy into. it is a fixed earth sign, connecting us with physical abundance, prosperity, & clarity. the shadow side of Taurus can look like stagnancy, resistant to change, unbalanced materialism. the wisdom of Taurus is non-attachment to desires, a deep awareness around of the abundance of the present moment, and the ability to find harmony/value within oneself. we have the support of Uranus, the change agent/revolutionary here as well, even making a conjunction to the north node this summer, which i will talk about in a later post. one of my teachers refers to Uranus in Taurus as "the revolution of embodiment" and i could not agree with her more. as i feel into the next 18 months of this transit, it seems the KEY is coming back home into our bodies. this is a lifelong practice & a beautiful one at that. we have been conditioned to believe that our bodies can't be trusted, that they are sinful or dirty, that they hold our shame and until we are free of them we are destined to a life of suffering. this is simply not true!

our bodies are sacred sites. they are portals. they are our connection with the Divine. they ARE Divine. we have hardly scratched the surface of what they are capable of. what will the world look like when every being is living EMBODIED? what happens when the light of consciousness comes fully down and IN? ahhh we hardly dare imagine it....

where do you have Taurus in your chart? this is the area of life where the north node will be transiting, inviting you to come home to your body, to your birthright of prosperity & using that embodied wisdom to find clarity in the abundance of the present moment.

taking the journey with the nodes these next 18 months will be a monumental time in the history of this planet, in the history of our very existence.

i believe so much of the north node in taurus work is a call to remember our sovereignty no matter what happens externally. literally holding the mantra, "remember who you are" in our very centers is so important at this time. as the shadows come to light in Love, as the structures around us fall, let us remember...IT WILL BE OKAY. nothing is wrong. everything is as it should be.

can we surrender to the death of what was to welcome the rebirth of what will be?

i choose to surrender.

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