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full moon in cancer || connect with your inner child

happy full moon dear one <3

today at 3:49 pm PST we have a full moon at 27 degrees cancer. the moon is opposite the sun who's at 27 degrees capricorn, this is the furthest away from each other they are their whole cycle. with oppositions there is great distance and yet the luminaries are able to look directly at each other. i like to picture them holding eye contact and having a conversation.

as we deepen our cyclical awareness, let's begin by reflecting on what was happening about 2 weeks ago at the new moon. i offered a new moon ritual with these questions at the end, "what am i saying yes to?" "what is wanting to be created through me?" "what is the gift of this season?"

what insights were coming to you at the new moon?

what arises at the new moon we carry with us into the full moon for manifestation...

this full moon is also opposite pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, our soul's evolutionary intention. today, pluto is conjunct the sun infusing this full moon with the energy of transformation. pluto rules the underworld; this is likely a time where things have and will continue to surface from the depths of our unconscious because they want to come into wholeness. it is so important to remember, especially when we are working with our shadows, just because we are working toward wholeness does not mean we are not already whole & healed. the illusion is that we are separate from our wholeness. the illusion is what we are healing.

"because clarity and enlightenment are within your nature, they are regained without moving an inch." -Lao Tsu

when i feel into this full moon in cancer, i sense we are being offered an opportunity to invite deeper frequencies of healing into our childhood stories. over the past few days... is there a memory coming to the surface looking for integration? is there an emotion tied to this memory? can you follow the thread of this emotion and find the inner child it belongs to?

what does your inner child want to say to you?

image by Amira Fayyad Art

as a way to bring these full moon energies into the body, i recorded a meditation to connect with your inner child. these pieces want to be nurtured and nourished and the beautiful thing is, we can learn how to do this for ourselves. 27 degrees is a degree of mastery, in this case we are dealing with a water sign, so this is a degree of emotional mastery. the more we can hold ourselves with unconditional love & compassion in the moments the emotions are rising, the more spaciousness we invite into our process which allows for flow of emotions. they need room to flow. this is how we come into emotional mastery, not by pushing away our emotions, but by letting them wash over us, inform, and transform our very beings.

i hope this meditation serves you as we pass through the portal of this full moon today.

sending all my love and blessings as we let the emotions flow!

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