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full moon in LEO - meditation inside!

on february 16 at 8:57 am PT we have our beloved full moon in LEO at 28 degrees bringing us an invitation to open our hearts & remember our why/s. i have found Leo to be a very misunderstood sign associated with things like "diva complex" or "narcissistic tendencies." while there may be some Truth there, these are just shadow expressions of Leo energy.

(photo taken by my dear friend the other night, here in Port Townsend. LOOK AT THAT MOON!)

Leo is yang in energy, fixed in modality, masculine in polarity, and fire in element. it is associated with the middle of summer season when we are out in the world, hanging with our people, taking vacations, PLAYING. Leo wants to shine! not because it wants to outshine someone else but because it is so full of Life, it can't even help it. it is second nature. Leo is associated with the 5th house, with creativity. it is Leo that creates joyfully & exuberantly through the HEART. this means it must be connected with the heart to begin with, and all Divine creations then stem from that sacred space. the ruler of Leo is the Sun, the light of consciousness. as we bring our consciousness to our heart centers, letting it illuminate us from the inside, we automatically begin to create what we came here to create, joyfully! it is the heart that is the bridge between heaven and earth, the cosmos and Gaia. an open, activated heart center is CLEAR and can be trusted.

for many of us, just thinking about shining our creations into the world is triggering. it can bring up feelings, even memories of shame, guilt, self-doubt, fear. this can make it feel easier to keep the light dim, not off completely, just a flicker. i want to invite you to ask for a new story, even here. what if your shine did not diminish another? what if your shine gave permission for another to do the same?

on february 16 in the wee hours of the morning (4:50 am PT to be exact), Venus and Mars make a conjunction connecting us with the sacred union. how fitting that this falls the week of valentines day. these two will stay in somewhat of a conjunction for the next 4 months giving us time to connect with the sacred union inside ourselves. inviting the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine into another layer of balance within. i feel these two are bringing us such a gift on this full moon, surrounding us with what we need to step into our passions, from that heart space. what specific gift do you sense Venus and Mars giving you under the light of the full moon?

some final thoughts...

what seed did you plant at the new moon?

what intention did you set?

as we sync with the cycles of the moon it is so important to remember where we are in the process. the full moon brings to manifestation what was seeded in the new moon. this may be a very subtle shift or a huge wave, that part doesn't matter. what matters is the awareness around what intention you set, and how you are seeing this cycle manifest in your embodied experience. i encourage you to write it down or document it somehow! we are growing our awareness in cyclical nature, every moment is a part of it.

in honour of this full moon, i am offering a guided meditation to help you OPEN your heart and REMEMBER your why. i'll say, it is so fun when your own meditation helps you connect pieces inside and this one definitely did for me when i played it back. i hope it serves you just as much & more!

full moon blessings to you dear one. may we all experience the wonder of remembering what it feels like to create with an open heart! and so it is.

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