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new moon in aquarius || welcome change with simplicity

hello Divine Soul,

how are you doing after the weekend?

i invite you to take a deep breath. it's a new day. and tonight we have a new moon here to bring us the beginning of another lunar cycle.

as i sat with Great Spirit this morning the word that was bouncing around inside me was SIMPLIFY.

i don't know about you but i have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed around new or full moons. a couple days before, this feeling arises like i need to make the most of the time by doing some elaborate ritual or meditation. i don't want to miss out on some amazing opportunity! my mind begins to add more things to my to-do list and the joy gets sucked out of the whole process.

i think it's beautiful to have giant aspirations for what we want to release & then call in (i adore radically ginormous dreams) but this morning, in the stillness, i felt the invitation to welcome in an energy of simplicity with this new moon.

tonight at 9:46 pm PST the moon and the sun make a conjunction at 12 degrees Aquarius, which is our new moon. Aquarius is a fixed sign, meaning it marks the middle of a season, in this case winter. it is an air sign which revolves around our thoughts, our beliefs, how we formulate ideas, our mental processes. it is yang, connected with energy moving outwards, taking action, creating change. the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the change agent, the revolutionary, the renegade. yesterday the sun made a square to Uranus as a prelude to this new moon. change is in the air and with Uranus we want to choose change before change chooses us. this is really big energy and we always have a choice in how we respond. we have an opportunity here to free up mental space inside where old stories have expired & it is time to replace them with new ones.

i want to encourage us to get really specific with this new moon. to SIMPLIFY. i sense it will help us integrate the new energies coming forward in a potent way.

a simple ritual for the new moon

(if it feels good to you, lighting incense, sage, palo santo, etc, can help us connect with the air element, Aquarius energy. i like to have the smoke surrounding me as i do my ritual, keeping a window cracked nearby so that the smoke can carry the released energy away.)

what is ONE thing, one specific thing, naturally coming forward the last few days or week, that you know is time to RELEASE with this new moon.

is it fear? fear of what?

is it control? control over what?

is it shame? shame of what?

once you have it simplified & specific write it down in your journal. sit with it for a moment. then respond to these questions:

  • where do i feel this "piece" in my body?

  • is there anything this area of my body wants to communicate to me?

  • what am i welcoming instead that will replace this released piece?

once you've reflected/responded to these questions:

  • open your hands in front of you & imagine the piece you are releasing sitting in your hands

  • when you are ready, squeeze your hands in fists as tightly as you can, letting yourself bring all of your awareness to the sensation of clenched fists

  • when you feel ready open your hands and say, "i choose to release _____."

  • take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale with a deep sigh out through your mouth (this tells our vagus nerve it is okay to relax).

  • with your hands open, ask Great Spirit if there is a gift for you to receive at this time. welcome in the new gift that you are replacing the old piece with.

  • receive with open hands & place the gift in your heart or wherever feels right to you.

  • write or speak a prayer of gratitude & TRUST

and that's it! we release & trust the flow of Life/Love through us.

i pray this ritual brings release & waves of healing love. may we lean into change with Trust in Truth, in nature & her cyclical wisdom. new moon blessings of simplicity to you. you are held in love.

love, erin

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