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new year, new moon

and just like that, it is 2022. happy new year!

my partner has his solar return on new years eve and this year was extra special because we spent it moving into a tiny cabin in the woods of port townsend, washington. i'm feeling all the gratitude for this cozy new space i get to start the year in.

how was this holiday season for you?

i hope you are feeling present to what is no matter your answer.

know that i am sending you love.

today we have a new moon in capricorn at 10:33 am PST and i feel it as such a gift to us as we begin a fresh year. new moons occur when the sun and the moon are conjunct and today we find them at 12 degrees capricorn. capricorn is an earth sign inviting us to get grounded into this present reality. this new moon offers us the opportunity to ground ourselves in the here and now, coming to terms with what is and not trying to change it, then releasing what is no longer serving us in gratitude, and saying yes to what we know it is time to say yes to...even if that's the smallest movement towards a new story. capricorn innately knows the wisdom of baby steps. it builds slowly and consistently and flows with nature and her cycles. this new moon is trine uranus in taurus which brings us some electric embodiment energy to the equation. uranus is the liberator, the revolutionary, who changes things up and gets energy moving. trines are aspects that bring flow, ease, and levity. taurus is another earth sign with connects us with our senses, our bodies, our self worth. with this trine between new moon & uranus, i am really sensing an invitation to use this portal as a way to intentionally come home to our bodies.

a way i love to interact with embodying this earth energy consciously, is through yoga. yoga is a tool that has completely changed the way i relate with my body and move through my day. one of my favourite yoga teachers is adrienne mishler (yoga with adrienne on youtube) who gives a wildly generous gift every january of 30 days of free yoga videos. this years theme is MOVE and i want to invite you to join me if you feel resonance! the journey begins today and videos are posted on youtube each morning. i have found the more we bring our awareness down and in to the body the more enlightened & integrated we become. i have been doing these 30 day yoga journeys for years now and love the intimacy i build with my body through the consistency of simply showing up as i am each day.

i want to leave you with a new moon ritual that you can practice anytime today or tomorrow in this portal. i recommend doing it as close to 10:33am PST as possible since that is the peak. you will need a pen, a journal, and yourself.

new moon ritual

  • GROUND: close your eyes and take a deep breath. let yourself feel what's touching the earth beneath you. let your root connect with the core of mother earth. now reflect on this question and let your answers flow in your journal. what do i need to feel nurtured and nourished in this season?

  • RELEASE: so often to receive a gift the universe wants to give us there is something we must let go of in order to receive the blessing. what is no longer serving me and time to release? visualize holding "it" in your hands and take a deep breath. squeeze your palms together as hard as you can and when it feels right, open your palms and let it dissolve. write any reflections down in your journal.

  • SAY YES: take a moment to notice how you feel. do you feel light? spacious? empty? there is no right or wrong way to feel. now, invite the new moon to help you get clear on what it is you are to focus on during this cycle. what is wanting to be created through you? what gift is wanting to come into your life? connect with these answers and write any reflections in your journal.

i hope you find this ritual to be of service on your journey. may we all feel our wholeness deeper than we have before. please reach out if you have questions or reflections from this ritual, i'd love to hear how it went for you!

(soaking in the sun & snow!)

new moon blessings and happiest new year to you!

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