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USA Pluto Return

"There are ones who will keep us sleeping.

There are ones who will bring the dawn.

Put your back to the birch and your mind to the matter of a listening kind of way.

We are born of dust and silence.

We are made of ancient songs."

the magnitude of this time that is upon us is unprecedented. we are at a turning point as beings, as a nation, as a collective, a choice point. can you feel it? will we continue towards our extinction? toward our interconnection? what will we choose?

on February 20, 2022 the United States had it's first of three passes (the second in July 2022, the third in Dec 2022) of transiting Pluto to its natal Pluto at 27 degrees & 33 minutes of Capricorn. this is the USA's Pluto return, a once in a lifetime event for each of us living in the USA, and the world. Pluto takes 248 years to make its full orbit so people do not get Pluto returns, but nations DO.

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld/the unconscious. he connects us with the evolutionary journey of our Souls. he brings us death and rebirth cycles, transmutation, and invites us into the full alchemy of Self. what does this mean? Pluto connects us with the death of our ego. he is a wise one, he knows that to fully live we must surrender to this death. the fear of death is a common one, a valid one. our minds/bodies are trained to keep us alive & safe. to willingly surrender to death almost goes against our operating system. and yet....does it? or is this just something we have been conditioned to believe? i have found death to be a PORTAL into life. they are one in the same. to die is to be reborn. death is a precious gift, though few want to receive it, the ones that do know the magic of the otherside. this is the magic that is calling to us now. inviting us to die to the old paradigm, simultaneously inviting us into a new story.

Pluto rules power dynamics and in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn we are looking at the power structures of the system that has kept us blind to the Truth... the vast amount of secrets hidden under the surface for hundreds, some thousands of years. as one of my teachers, Divine Harmony says, "it is time to understand the karma of the father line." the patriarchal rule, with the mentality of controlling & domineering anyone who disagrees, who wages war, moves to conquer anything & anyone that goes against his/her way, must end. the shadow is rising now to be released. it is TIME. not just for our country but for the entire world. the dualistic mentality of me against them is meeting death.

i foresee this Pluto return to continue to activate the shadow of the patriarchy in all of us over this next year. what is being activated in you at this time is a microcosm of what is being activated in our nation & the world. these moments are choices that determine our future. what the world needs now is LOVE. and you, dear one, are LOVE. we need YOU. fully present to what is, fully devoted to the Truth, to Love. each of us is a part of the transition, especially in the moments unseen by anyone except yourself. every quiet prayer, every act of surrender, every shower song, every moment of acceptance of what is, is a part of it.

a friend shared this quote with me this week, "in order to survive these times and stay human, we will have to walk with one hand holding the grief of the dying world and another hand holding the light so we can find our way towards the new world which is being born." -Laura Matsue

we are growing up. we have the tools we need to make this transition. and we are not alone. Grace is here with us.

yes this time is overwhelming.

yes it is frustrating to feel "here we are again."

yes it is scary.

and even our fear is a portal into Love.

so, during this transition, during this present moment on planet earth, what can i contribute?

contribute your Love. YOU ARE LOVE. the frequency of your Love is completely unique to you. how can you make it your mission to hold your frequency of Love even in the face of fear? for me, this looks like walks with my tree friends (especially on the hard days) in my favorite woods, sending my heart waves out with each exhale and drawing love back into my heart with each inhale. letting it ripple out from me, through the woods, through the city, through the state, through the nation, through the world, through the cosmos....

or sitting in front of the ocean, doing the same. or even simply sitting in the quiet of my home...doing the same. do not underestimate the POWER of your LOVE.

Love dissolves fear. Love dissolves hate. Love is the answer.

i am seeing beings everywhere around me RISING UP to the challenge. i am inspired by the quiet actions no one will ever see. i am inspired by the massive actions on display for many. all of it is a part of this. i know it is easy to look around and focus on the devastation, the death. but even as we face death in this way, let us hold on to each other, let us come together as the family we are. a new world is on her way.

i have so much HOPE.

There's a turn from the fear

A stand for the free

A song for the beat-down pickin' up steam

You will hear my voice here singin'

There's a let from the greed

A gift for the kind

and I'll be dancing' with the ones who remind me

We are born of dust and silence, We are made of ancient songs.

get those backs to the birch & listen.

all my love,


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