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winter solstice meditation to cultivate inner light

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

hello dear one,

how is your heart today?

i am sending my love to you wherever you are reading this from.

for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we had our winter solstice on december 21st which marks the shortest/darkest day of the year. we also had the sun move into capricorn the same day. capricorn is yin, earth, and cardinal, meaning it marks the beginning of a season, in this case winter. this season offers us a beautiful opportunity to slow down, to ground, and to begin anew from there.

i've really been reflecting on ways i can cultivate my inner light during a time when the sun is out less and we have so many hours in darkness. sometimes the dark can feel scary, we wanna push it away because we can't see with our eyes. there is unknown in the dark, there is mystery.

and yet.....what if the darkness has something to communicate to us?

yin signs give us the space to go inward and take stock of how we are really doing. capricorn is like the wise grandmother with the deep inner knowing of what we really need to feed our souls...that deep intuition which shares intimacy with the darkness. i want to invite us all to connect with this energy, especially as we prepare to enter a whole new year.

what do you need in order to nourish your soul during this time in the dark?

what gift is capricorn season wanting to offer you to help meet this need?

in honour of this season and winter solstice i want to gift you a 13 minute guided meditation that i'm calling, meditation to cultivate inner light.

feel free to practice this as many times as you feel led. the intention is to help you connect in with the specific gift capricorn season is wanting to give you. may you feel grounded, secure, safe, and nourished in the deepest spaces of your soul.

solstice blessings to you.

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